Develop a visual identity for the Customer Onboarding Program.

We know that customers who go through the Onboarding program vest at a significantly higher rate (44-48%) in comparison to those who do not (18%). Our current approach to the Onboarding program is passive, leading to only 9% of monthly free trials going through the program.

Currently, to promote this program we either use plain text or iconography. It’s sterile and doesn’t build trust. There’s an opportunity to make this program approachable and add personality by showing CS team members.

Ola photo point right
Ola photoshoot looking right
Ola photoshoot wave
Alicia wave wearing Beanie hat
Alicia pointing looking right
Alicia photoshoot smiling
Alicia pointing looking at camera
Maddie looking right
Maddie crossed arms looking right
Maddie wave

Designing the campaign

Authenticity is key. How we visualise and create content for the CS onboarding plan should look and feel like Moz. It should have personality and feel engaging.

meet the onboarding team graphic
meet the onboarding team graphic - Ola
meet the onboarding team graphic - Alicia






Onboarding specialist graphic - maddie
Onboarding specialist graphic - ola
Onboarding specialist graphic - alicia

Social media campaign

Spotlighting the onboarding team members on social media will increase awareness of the onboarding program and deepen our relationships with our future customers.

Instagram post
Facebook campaign post
Twitter campaign post

Communicate the value of participating in onboarding.

Customers need to understand what the value is in exchange for their time when committing to an onboarding session. We’ll communicate the value of onboarding on our website prior to conversion in order to enable customers to start the free trial with the motivation to sign-up for a onboarding walkthrough.

Schedule a walkthrough - macbook