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STAT business card


STAT is leading the charge for better SEO analytics and doing it with pizzazz. In a data-saturated world, one in which search engines increasingly remove access to valuable insights, we exist to break through the noise and give SEOs back their power.

Onboarding campaign

Currently, to promote this program we either use plain text or iconography. It’s sterile and doesn’t build trust. There’s an opportunity to make this program approachable and add personality by showing CS team members with a custom photoshoot.

Ola photoshoot wave
meet the onboarding team graphic - Alicia
Maddie photoshoot looking right
MozCon hashtag signage
MozCon Submarine


MozCon is a three-day, one-track journey into the deepest realms of search marketing. This MozCon, we take you with us in Roger’s aquatic search engine (submarine) as we explore the different depths of Marketing and SEO.

The Shit Show

Not quite theatre show, not quite game show, not quite trivia night. The Shit Show is an evening of humours, bizarre, and intense mini-gameshows where teams of 10 battle it out for the golden poop.

Shit Show Poster
The Shit Show contestants

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